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Keep your pet calm during vet and grooming visits, storms, and separations. Size: 15 ml.


  • Dose medicine directly into mouth, in water or at meal/snack time
  • Administer one dose 3 times per day, as needed
  • In acute cases, one dose every 15 minutes up to 4 doses may be given
  • When improvement is seen decrease frequency of dosing to twice daily then once daily. If symptoms reapear repeat original dose. Discontinue use when symptoms subside
  • For birds dose only once per day


Calcium phosphate, Yellow Jasmine, Lycopodium, Carbonate of Soda/Washing soda, Mineral Phosphorus, Stavesacre, Monkshood, Silver Nitrate, White oxide of Arsenic, Oatstraw, Potassium Hydrate, Henbane, St. Ignatius Bean, Passion Flower, American Pasque Flower, Blue skullcap, Pure Flint, Jimson Weed, Valerian root.

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