At Ryan’s Pet Supplies, we carry the best, most paw-fect brands for your grooming needs. Our mission since day 1 has always been taking care of people who take care of pets. Our Ryan’s Own Brands and our Ryan’s Favorite Brands manufacture products that help us carry out and accomplish this mission. These brands manufacture products that perform at the highest level possible and help provide groomers and pet parents with the best products available. Please see below for which brands fall into either Ryan’s Own Brands or Ryan’s Favorite Brands.

Ryan’s Own Brands

Which Brands are Ryan’s Own Brands? Our Own Brands consist of Paw Brothers, Desert Sudz, Perfect Groom, Value Groom, TruCraft, and Fancy Finishes. Our house brands have always been aimed at manufacturing affordable, economical grooming products that get the job done without breaking the bank.

Ryan’s Favorite Brands

Which Brands are Ryan’s Favorite? Our Favaorite Brands consist of Nature’s Specialties, Chris Christensen, iGroom, Crown Royale, Jelly Pet, Blackworks, ComfortGroom and Groom Professional. These top-quality brands manufacture grooming products that perform at the highest level.

Brands A to Z